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The recent economical reforms, have created the biggest inflation rate since more than 30 years in Egypt

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The recent economical reforms, have created on of the biggest inflation since more than 30 years in Egypt. In fact, according to the analyse, the inflation rate of February was around 31.7 percent. That inflation, has increased the social tensions present in the country. Indeed the impact on population is dramatic, for example in early 2015, one kilo of meat cost few dozens pounds, and it’s actually 100 pounds. According to specialists and IMF (International Monetary Found) the economical situation would go to a stabilization with an enforcement of the pound. With increasing inflation and a fluctuating currency, salaries have not adjusted and more people could soon join the 27.8 per cent of the population who already lives under poverty line. The Egyptian’s population is back on social networks to protest.

Argentina: interest rates are going down thanks to the subside of inflation

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Argentina’s main state-run bank said it lowered its headline interest rates for loans to businesses on Monday amid expectations that inflation will begin to slow in Latin America’s third-largest economy, a move that will help put credit back within firms’ reach. Banco Nacion, the country’s largest financial institution and which also acts as a development bank, set its annual nominal reference rate for business loans at 27%, down from 32%.

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