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Lebanese industry Minister urges businessmen to accept government measures to restore trade balance

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Industry Minister, Hussein Hajj Hassan, called on Lebanese investors, businessmen, and merchants to accept the government’s adopted measures to safeguard the domestic industry and to protect Lebanese products. The Minister wished of Lebanon’s “friends and brothers” to take these measures into account as they “do not target any country maintaining economic and trade relations with Lebanon”. The Minister also asked of accredited Ambassadors to Lebanon to relay “a real picture of the situation of the Lebanese economy to their governments”.

President Putin will visit China in 2017: rapid development of trade and industrial ties with Beijing

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Russian President Vladimir Putin has revealed plans to visit China in May 2017 at a meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping in Peru. Putin praised the rapid development of trade, industrial and high-tech ties between Moscow and Beijing. On Saturday, the two leaders met on the sidelines of the two-day Asian-Pacific Economic Forum (APEC). Putin said he has accepted an invitation to take part in events related to the implementation of Silk Road Economic Belt project, a large-scale initiative unveiled by Xi in 2013 that envisages the integration of trade and investment in Eurasia. One of the goals of a strategic Silk Road Economic Belt project is to link European and Asian countries with a transport, energy and a trade corridor. In June, Putin said he welcomes the project as a promising mutually beneficial initiative saying that wherever the road goes, it first runs through neighboring territories.

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