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Humanitarian situation

Yemeni Foreign Minister Sharaf discusses with UN Coordinator worsening humanitarian situation in Yemen

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During a meeting between the Yemeni Foreign Minister Sharaf and the UN Resident Coordinator for Humanitarian Affairs in Yemen McGoldrick, they discussed the worsening humanitaria situation in the country and the targeting of the port of Hodeida. The discussion led to the need of intervention of the United Nations and international actors to end the suffering of Yemeni employees, subjected to the policy of starvation by the aggression and the mercenaries. Concerning the port of Hodeida, the Foreign Minister underlined the importance of its safety due to its key role in accepting humanitarian needs for Yemeni people, as McGoldrick also did. The Minister also underlined the efforts made by the National Salvation Government to achieve peace and end the suffering of the Yemeni citizens.

Emergency meeting with UN Security Council called by French FM

On Tuesday, French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault called on the UN Security Council to convene an emergency meeting on the Syrian city of Aleppo in order to resolve the humanitarian situation in the city. “Faced with the humanitarian catastrophe in Aleppo, he demanded immediate meeting of the UN Security Council in order to examine the situation in the martyred city and the ways of delivering relief to the people”. On Wednesday, the French Foreign Ministry is set to receive President of the City Council of Aleppo Brita Hagi Hassan.

European leaders and President Obama on a diplomatic resolution to the conflicts in Syria

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The White House says President Barack and European leaders focused their talks on Friday on the need to secure a diplomatic resolution to the conflicts in Syria and eastern Ukraine. On Syria, the White House says the leaders expressed grave concern about the humanitarian situation in Aleppo. They agreed that increased attacks by the Syrian regime and its supporters, including Russia and Iran, should be immediately halted. The White House says the leaders are also calling for humanitarian access to the city to be restored.



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