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Haftar to run for president of Libya in March 2018

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The recent meeting between Haftar and Al-Serraij, in UAE (United Arab Emirates) had been successful according to first informations resulting from it. Indeed, the meeting has created a tie between East and West Libya, divided since the LPA (Libyan Political Accord) of December 2015, both leader decided to built a communication channel between PC (Presidency Council- West) and Dignity Operation (East) to allow information transmission between both Libyan parts. Haftar will be nominated as Libyan President in March 2018, Al-Serraij declared his satisfaction with this point. On Wednesday, Egypt president, El-Sissi, would be in UAE to confirm the agreement.

Haftar's fighter aircraft attack opponents positions in Benghazi

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New wave of violences in the conflict between Benghazi and the LNA (Libyan National Army). The warplanes of Dignity Operation, led by Khalifa Haftar, have carried out over five airstrikes on Benghazi Shura Council in the neighborhoods of Al-Sabri, Sooq Al-Hoot, and Ekhraibish, sources from the media said on Monday. Since two weeks, Dignity Operation has started warplanes attacks.

House of Representatives sets conditions for dialogue on Libyan Political Agreement

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HoR (House of Representatives) did a pass toward reconciliation with the State Council, deciding to apply the LPA (Libyan Political Agreement) signed 16 month ago at Skhirat (Morocco). However, to implement it, HoR has imposed 6 points: 1. No foreign bodies (such as UNSMIL) to have any say on who takes part in discussions between the HoR and the State Council to amend the LPA, and the discussions must take place on Libyan soil; 2. The Presidency Council to consist of three people – a head and two deputies which will appoint a separate prime minister; 3. The prime minister to from a government to be submitted to the HoR for approval; 4. The State Council to consist of those elected to the General National Congress (GNC) on 7 July 2012; 5. Additional Article 8 (which calls for all powers of senior civil and military posts to be transferred to the Presidency Council) to be removed from LPA; 6. The Libyan National Army under the command of Field Marshal Khlifa Hafter and instituted by the HoR to be recognised as the sole legitimate armed force. If these conditions are respected, HoR declared the possibility to renew the dialogue between Libyan forces.

Haftar and French ambassador discuss anti-terrorism policy.

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The French ambassador in Libya, Brigitte Curmi, met with the leader of eastern forces of Operation Dignity in Rajma on Sunday. French ambassador discussed about terrorism and mutual relation with the General Haftar. It is worth mentioning that France has been helping Haftar’s forces in their fight in the eastern region, the least of which when a French helicopter crashed in eastern Libya as it was doing reconnaissance for Dignity Operation and the entire crew of three Frenchmen died.

Libya war: Haftar forces accused of war crimes over alleged civilian killings

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New allegation of violences from East Libyan Army. Starving residents of a besieged neighbourhood in the eastern city of Benghazi were killed by members of Khalifa Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) as they tried to flee aboard a bus to find food last month, relatives of the victims have told Middle East Eye. Around 25 peoples had been killed during those exactions. The Human Right Watch, asked General Haftar to fulfil investigations.

Italian's companies hungry for Libyan business "but not at the cost of their lives"

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Italian’s companies still in doubt in their installation in Libya. Indeed, the fear to install Italian companies in Libya remains after the murder of thwo Italian investors last year. And, moreover that security condition, Italy has officially sustained the UN-backed Government of National Accord, in Tripoli, and that has created tentions with the East of Libya, guided by General Haftar. Italian society Emaco, is one of the last Italian society working in Libya, and in all Libyan parts since the faling of Muhamar Ghedaffi. Recent position taking from Rome, could improve the implementation of Italian companies in the country, with the announce of Rome to reopen de deliverance of visa for Libyan citizens.

Sewehli calls on Italy to push for international criminal proceedings against Hafter and the LNA for alleged war crimes

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The head of the State Council, Abdulrahman Sewehli, had called on Italy, along with the European Union, the UN Security Council and the International Criminal Court, to take action against war crimes allegedly committed in Benghazi by the Libya National Army led by Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar. These accusations are referring to recent violences from Haftar troops. The head of the State Council has also used his travel to Italy to talk about Libyan-Libyan dialogue, and the return of Italian companies in Libya.

Egypt's Chief of staff says his country persuaded Haftar to repudiate grave-digging crimes.

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The Egyptian Chief of Staff, Mahmoud Hijazi, said Tuesday that he and Khalifa Haftar had prolonged discussions over a couple of days aiming at convincing the latter to disavow and apologize for the crimes of exhuming the bodies from Ganfouda graves, and killing and torturing civilians and women by his militias in Benghazi. Hijazi told Haftar, that in case of no-disavowing of exactions, he’ll be consider as terrorist organisation. Egypt seems to have a preference for LNA and General Hafter as Libyan counterpart, indeed, last month, Egypt has refused to meet the Seraij, the Libyan President in Tripoli.

After violent fights around RasLanuf and Sidra, Haftar and the Dignity Operations have retaken the strategic ports

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After violent fights around RasLanuf and Sidra, General Haftar and the Dignity Operations have retaken the strategic ports. Operation Dignity have seized control of the entire oil crescent region and have kicked out the forces of the Petroleum Facilities Guard (PFG) of the Government of National Accord from there. The actual situation has attracted international regards, preoccupied of the situation.

Russian security firm recruited fighters to fight alongside Haftar's forces in east Liby

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The owner of a Russian firm RSB-group, Oleg Krinitsyn, said a force of several armed private security contractors from Russia operated until last month in a part of Libya that is under the control of the leader of Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar. This sustain couldn’t exist without the agreement of Moscow, which see in Haftar one way to reach the Libyan stability after the 6 years of anarchy. But Krinistyn told Reuter that his firm has left out Libya last February (e.d : so before Oil crescent’s attacks). Moreover, relations between Haftar and Russia has increased, last year.  Haftar and his supporters from the Libyan political parties have been trying for a long while to presuade Russia into conducting a military action in Libya analogous to that it is doing in Syria.


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