Russian security firm recruited fighters to fight alongside Haftar's forces in east Liby

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The owner of a Russian firm RSB-group, Oleg Krinitsyn, said a force of several armed private security contractors from Russia operated until last month in a part of Libya that is under the control of the leader of Dignity Operation, Khalifa Haftar. This sustain couldn’t exist without the agreement of Moscow, which see in Haftar one way to reach the Libyan stability after the 6 years of anarchy. But Krinistyn told Reuter that his firm has left out Libya last February (e.d : so before Oil crescent’s attacks). Moreover, relations between Haftar and Russia has increased, last year.  Haftar and his supporters from the Libyan political parties have been trying for a long while to presuade Russia into conducting a military action in Libya analogous to that it is doing in Syria.


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