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UN Yemen envoy: violence escalates, the United Nations have urged a political solution and safety to Yemeni civilians

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After talks in Paris with French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault, the UN envoy to Yemen Cheikh Ahmed told reporters that even if the solution is very close the parties don’t want to sit down at the table to discuss that. In deed they are refusing to discuss UN-brokered peace efforts and mean while in the country there is an escalation in violence, which is having a dramatic impact on civilians. This is the main reason that pushes the United Nations to urge a political solution and guarantee stability and safety to Yemeni civilians, which the UN classed as “severely food insecure” (7.3 millionYemenis). Moreover France Foreign Minister Ayrault said that “this is a conflict that is less talked about than others, but it can’t be forgotten because the humanitarian consequences on the ground are catastrophic”.

President of the Supreme Political Council Al-Sammad meets Labuza and members of the anti-aggression Yemeni parties

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During a meeting on Monday between the President of the Supreme Political Council Saleh al-Sammad, Vice-President Qasim Labuza and chairman and members of the anti-aggressionYemeni parties’ bloc, they discussed the bloc’s efforts in strengthening the steadfastness in the internal and external front lines, in particular in the current situation, and the future programs of confronting aggression. On the other hand the President showed appreciation to the parties’ bloc efforts and underlined the inhuman face of the aggression coalition. In fine the parties’ leaders stressed the importance of costant communication between the Supreme Political Council, political parties’ leadership and government the aggression media propaganda and all the attempts to split the national unity.

Arrangements for visit of WFP’s official to Yemen discussed

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During the meeting between the Foreign Minister Sharaf and the Resident Representative of the UN World Food Program (WFP) in Yemen Andersen, the two talked about the arrangements for the visit of the WFP Executive Director to Yemen on March 11-13. The visit will include the discussion of the current cooperation aspects between Yemen and the WFP to expand the assistances to face the humanitarian and food crisis due to the Saudi aggression on Yemen. During the visit the WFP official will also hold meetings with senior Yemeni officials beside visits to humanitarian aid distribution areas.




National Organization for Rights and Freedom accused the positions and decisions of the UN about aggression on Yemen

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The negative role of the United Nations and Security Council in Yemen was underlined by the National Organization for Rights, Freedom and Development. The organization accused the positions and decisions of the United Nations and the Security Council that did not deal with the injustice of the Yemeni people, who are suffering a genocide. Indeed the Saudi aggression during 700 days committed crimes against civilians using also internationally banned weapons, causing more than 30,000 causalities and destroying all the necessities of life. Even results of the last meeting of the Security Council regarding Yemen was not approved by the Organization.

GCC denounce Houthi militias of forming a cabinet

The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) on Tuesday has denounced Iran-backed Houthi militias forming a government in Yemen led by Abdulaziz bin Habtour in what’s been viewed as a provocative move. GCC’s Secretary General Abdulatif Al-Zayani said the Gulf states completely reject this step. The cabinet consists of 42 ministerial portfolios that were equally distributed between the Houthis and supporters of deposed president Ali Abdullah Saleh. This comes as United Nations Special Envoy for Yemen Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed resumes his efforts to find a solution for the crisis and after Kuwait welcomed receiving the legitimate government’s and rebels’ delegations to sign a peace deal.

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