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Daesh: from Paris to Maiduguri

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Paris attacks, on November 13, pointed out again that the terror threat reached a historical high within European borders. Beyond Syria and Iraq, where Daesh is headquartered, Africa is the favorite ISIS’s target. As proved by the last 15 days.
More than 83 attacks all over the world from June 2014 to date, as reported by Le Monde. More than 1,600 victims. Raqqa (Syria) and Maiduguri (Nigeria) the most affected cities. Since March 2015, when the Nigerian militant group Boko Haram joined the Caliphate, terrorist actions in Africa have dramatically increased. As well as the several organizations that, from Mali to Egitto, hit in the name of ISIS.

After 129 killed in Paris, others were added from November to today:

Mali: More than 20 people were killed after a raid against Radisson Hotel last November 20. Thanks to military action by French and US special forces, 150 hostages were freed. After the arrest of two suspects, the local terrorist cells attacked on UN base at Kidal, killing 3 people.

Egypt: Two terrorist attacks. The first one, on November 24, was a double suicide attack which killed 4 people on a hotel in North Sinai. The second one, on November 28, when terrorists opened fire on checkpoint in Giza, killing 4 policemen.

Nigeria: Before a truck station, then a Shiite procession. These two places, near the capital Maiduguri, were the two targets of Boko Haram troops. Over 35 and 32 killed.

Camerun: Four different kamikaze actions of four girls killed at least 5 people in Fotokol on 21 November.

Tunisia: 13 killed following a suicide bomb attack against a bus carrying members of Tunisia’s presidential guard on 24 November in Tunis. As well as actions in the Bardo Museum and on Sousse beach last June, Daesh claimed responsibility.
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