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Fire broke out following an explosion at a gas pipeline  

A fire erupted after an explosion at a gas pipeline in Azerbaijan on Monday morning, the country’s Ministry of Emergency Situations said on Monday.  “A large number of equipment and fire brigades have been dispatched to the scene of the accident,” the Ministry said. “The gas supply through the main gas pipeline of 1000 mm diameter has been suspended.”  The fire that broke out following an explosion at a gas pipeline in Sangachal settlement, has been extinguished, the country’s Ministry of Emergency Situations informed.

Clashes between Palestinian protesters and Palestinian security forces

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On Thursday night a group of Palestinian youth shot live fire and locally made bombs at Palestinian security forces near the al-Faraa refugee camp in the occupied West Bank district of Tubas during a protest against the Palestinian Authority (PA)’s arbitrary detention of Palestinian youth in the refugee camp. While security forces attempted to open the closed street, two locally made bombs were thrown at them, prompting Palestinian forces to open fire in the air before chasing after the youth, security sources said.

Israel has been warned by Syria against future raids

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Syria warned Israel against future raids after the Israeli army responded to errant mortar fire that struck the northern Golan Heights. A mortar shell fired from Syria landed in Israeli territory on Wednesday morning, causing neither injury nor damage. The projectile, as with most others emanating from the war-torn country, appeared to be accidental spillover rather than an intentional attack on Israel, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement. Nevertheless, the Israeli army fired back into Syria, hitting “artillery positions belonging to the Syrian regime in the northern Syrian Golan Heights,” the military said.

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