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Unfreeizing Libyan funds abroad would help Lybian people during the crisis

Libya’s six neighbouring states have requested for Libyan funds frozen in banks outside the country to be released so that they can be used to help the Libyan people during the current economic crisis. Ministers from Libya’s six neighbours gathered yesterday in Niger’s capital Niamey for their latest round of discussions on the country.

Also attending were UN special envoy Martin Kobler and Presidency Council member Musa Koni. Rejecting foreign interference in Libya, in its final statement, also the neighbours’ firm support for the Presidency Council under Faiez Serraj and for the Libyan Political Agreement as the only solution that would result in genuine national reconciliation. This later, the statement said, would come only through inclusive dialogue.

To help further this, the neighbours called for a grand meeting of all the parties to the various conflicts in Libya, saying that it should be held either in Libya or in one of the neighbouring states. Although Kobler had warned ministers at the meeting that Libya was at a critical stage, Koni said that the Presidency Council was developing three fundamental blocks to stabilise the country: national reconciliation, security and  economy.

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