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Companies tied to a possible Saudi Arabia business venture closed by Donald Trump

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President-elect Donald Trump shut down some of his companies in the days after the election, including four that appeared connected to a possible Saudi Arabia business venture. The Trump Organization’s general counsel, Alan Garten, described shutting down the four companies as routine “housecleaning,” and said there was no existing Trump business venture in Saudi Arabia. The four Saudi-related companies were among at least nine companies that Trump filed paperwork to dissolve or cancel since the election. The recent dissolutions represent a fraction of Trump’s global network of companies.

Renewable energy agencies contacted by the experts team of President-elect Donald Trump

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The experts team of the President-elect Donald Trump began to contact several federal agencies working in the field of renewable energy. Already during the election campaign Trump had expressed his willingness to cut most of the sources of these agencies and also said it would rescinded the Paris conventions which commit the United States to lower its greenhouse gas emissions.

Trump wants the former Gen. Of Marines John Kelly as Secretary of Homeland Security

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President-elect of the United States seems determined to designate the former Gen. of Marines John Kelly Secretary of Homeland Security. If the nomination will be approved, Kelly would become the second former military in Trump’s Cabinet , the first is the nominated Secretary of Defense James Mattis, and also just another one of the militaries that Trump would like to place at the highest level of the administration. Several members of Congress, both Democrats and Republicans, have expressed preoccupation for this militarization of senior federal levels of government, not remembering the exciting experiences of military-administrators both during the first term of Obama has in previous administrations.

Trump talks about U.S. military policy

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President elect of the United States, Trump, presented his Defense Secretary Gen. James Mattis, during a rally in Fayetteville. During his speech he reiterated his willingness to withdraw US troops from all fronts, except against ISIS, and invest the money saved to start a modernization program for the country’s infrastructure but also to increase the maximum budget for military spending to make the US Army a formidable weapon to prevent terrorism.

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