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Ukraine was asked by Russian consulate to confirm identity of detained nationals

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On Tuesday, the press service of the Russian Embassy to Ukraine affirmed that the Russian consulate general in Odessa has sent a note to Ukraine asking it to present copies of the documents confirming the identity of the detained Russian nationals. Late on Monday, the Russian Defense Ministry reported that two Russian servicemen had been abducted by Ukraine’s Security Service in Crimea and taken to Ukraine’s Nikolayev region. Ukraine’s Defense Ministry’s spokesman on the Donbass Military Operation, Alexander Motuzyanik, affirmed that the Russian servicemen detained on the border with Crimea are the former servicemen of Ukraine’s army accused of breaking the military oath. According to a Russian Black Sea Fleet source, the Russian servicemen abducted by Ukrainian security operatives in Crimea have been lured under the pretense of providing them with documents confirming obtaining higher education in Ukrainian universities. The Russian Ministry warned that the Ukrainian authorities could use psychological and physical pressure to force the Russian servicemen to confess their alleged crimes against Ukraine.

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