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Libya accuses Italy of shooting down Dignity Operation ’s mi-35 attack helicopter

Member of Tobruk-based House of Representatives Ibrahim Zagaid has accused Italy of shooting down Dignity Operation ’s mi-35 attack helicopter on Friday. Speaking to Jordan-based Libya Channel on Saturday, he claimed that an Italian frigate off Sirte coast had shot down the helicopter, killing all three pilots on board. “We confirm, beyond doubt, that an Italian frigate on the shores of Sirte was behind the downing of the helicopter,” he claimed, adding that he is responsible for what he say. Zagaid, a mouthpiece of KhalifaHaftar, also claimed that a Russian newspaper had reported that the helicopter was shot down by an Italian sea-fired missile. He called on all supporters of KhalifaHaftar’s self-styled army to go to the streets to denounce Italy and its attempts to occupy Libya.

A delegation of Italian journalists visit Tozeur for the start of the winter tourist season

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A delegation of Italian journalists arrived in Tozeur on Wednesday for a tour of the mountain circuit in Tamaghza on the occasion of the start of the winter tourist season. The members of the delegation, composed of a television journalist, a radio journalist and seven from Italian written press, expressed to TAP their admiration for the beauty of the place, the security that prevails and the reception reserved for them. Another Portuguese television delegation was due to travel to the mountain oasis circuit on Wednesday, the regional tourism commissioner Anouar Chatoui told TAP. On Thursday, a music group from Hungary is expected, in Tozeur, to make clips in several sites. Besides, a promotional campaign on the Ong Jmal site will be conducted in December via Belgian television, the regional commissioner said.

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