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Iranian MP: UNESCO agenda not contradictory to Constitution

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A review of the 17 sustainable development goals of 2030 UNESCO Agenda shows that it does not contradict Iran’s Constitution and tenets of Islam, said a member of Education and Research Committee of Iran’s Parliament (Majlis). The 17 goals of the document are to a great extent in line with the Islamic Republic of Iran’s objectives, said Mahmoud Sadeghi, pointing to the 4th goal aimed at lifetime equal educational opportunities as an example. He added that Iran had declared reservations in implementing the document, particularly with regard to those parts that may be construed as contradictory to regulations and national priorities, religious teachings and cultural values of the Iranian society. Ending poverty in all forms and everywhere, ending hunger, providing food security, health and prosperity for every member at any age, as well as gender equality and empowering women and girls are among other goals of the agenda, according to the member of Parliament. Under one of the goals, for example, eliminating discrimination against women and girls is proposed, that may conflict with some views towards women rights in Iran, he said, adding that in the very case the national workgroup working on the agenda has used the term “justice” instead of “equality”. Iran has declared the reservation in implementing some parts of the 2030 agenda that are against Iran’s regulations or laws, added Sadeghi, emphasizing indigenizing the contradictory parts according to the values of each country as a solution to problematic areas.

Main opposition leader describes referendum results as ‘democratic victory’ of ‘no’ camp.

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The 24 million Turkish citizens who voted against the constitutional changes have scored a “democratic victory” even though they failed to halt the government’s project, the main opposition leader has said, warning that Turkey will be ungovernable with the constitution. “Despite all the bureaucratic pressure of the state, despite all the state’s financial and bureaucratic resources [used by the government] and despite the ongoing state of emergency, the naysayers claimed a victory for democracy, no matter what they say”, Kemal Kılıçdaroğlu, the head of the Republican People’s Party (CHP), said in a phone interview with daily Hürriyet on April 17.

Mali: draft revision of the constitution examined by deputees

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Malin Deputees are going to deal with the examination of the Bill  concerning the revision of the constitution of February 1992 , durign an extraordinary session if National Assembly. The Government justifie its will to revise the constitution by the urgency to correct “gaps and inadeguacies” of the 1992 Constitution. The other reason called by the Government is connected with the crisis in which live the country :” the security and institutional crisis revealed the feagilities of the institutions”. If the Bill is adopted Mali will pass to a bicameral parliament, Senate will be establish as “Upper house of the Parliament” beside National Assembly. With this revision, Mali will have eight institutions: the high court of justice will not be consider part of the institutions anymore, as well as the High council of Regions will be delated. On the other hand, will be established the Counts Court.

ODGP says th Council of Europe will support Tunisia in adapting laws to the Constitution

Director of the Office of the Directorate General of Programmes (ODGP) at the Council of Europe Verena Taylor asserted the council’s willingness to support the Ministry of Relations with the Constitutional Authorities, Civil Society and Human Rights in adapting laws to the Constitution. At her meeting Tuesday in Tunis with Minister of Relations with the Constitutional Authorities, Civil Society and Human Rights Mehdi Ben Gharbia, she expressed the Council’s commitment to support conducting studies on the reality of parties and minorities in Tunisia. “The Venice Commission is also willing to give its opinion on draft laws on constitutional authorities under preparation,” she added.

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