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Army will fight against Italian colonialism

Italy could soon find itself entangled in another anti-colonial war on its doorsteps in its neighboring Libya which will cost it dearly in lives and definitely jeopardize its economic, political and cultural interests in this North African country for the foreseeable future. On Thursday, Aboubaker Al-Siddiq Brigade (Western Mountain) of the Libyan National Army issued a statement which strongly condemned  Italian troop buildup in Libya vowing it would fight the colonialists with whatever means in its disposal. “The violations of our country’s sovereignty [as demonstrated] in the return of Italian colonialism, and the presence of Italian troops in Jufra military base which we follow with deep bitterness, represents a clear evidence of the intentions of colonialism and domination,” the statement said. Without the consent of the Libyan people, Italy intervened militarily in Libya in September this year by sending over two hundred troops on the pretext they were to guard a military field hospital set up by Italy in the Libyan coastal city of Misurata and became operational on Thursday 21 October, according to Defense Minister Roberta Pinotti.

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