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Lebanon, Alpina T. Brigade: cardiac screening for students

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The activities performed by Italian Army in favor of local people carry on in South Lebanon.

The staff of the Alpina Taurinense Brigade followed up the activities of medical cardiological screening in synergy with the civil-military cooperation cell (CIMIC), composed of specialists who belong to the Multinational CIMIC Group of Motta di Livenza, and of medical units of “level 1” based in Shama, headquarter of the western sector of UNIFIL, under Italian command.

Students of institutes and schools located in Sothern Lebanon have benefited of medical monitoring, started from the 130 students of Alma Ash Shaab high school. Specifically, about 20 visits were carried out with its track by electrocardiogram and measurement of oxygen saturation, history and physical examination of the carotid pulses. These initiatives are contextualized within the support and assistance activities in favour of local population and institutions promoted by the multinational mission UNIFIL, in execution of Resolution 1701 of the Security Council of the United Nations.

The cardiac screening for children was inaugurated at the ned of last September by the Italian CIMIC staff in the educational center for disabled people of Ayta Ash Shaab, a southern Lebanon village, which houses 123 children aged between 2 and 25 years. Humanitarian interventions carried out by Italian contingent based on site are particularly appreciated by local people, who live in conditions of poverty and instability as a result of repeated conflicts with Israel and because of the near Syrian crisis.

Father Maroun Ghafari, director of the first institute monitored by medical units, expressed heartfelt gratitude to our soldiers for their continued support and attention devoted to his students.
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