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Cameroon-Italy: the new impulse, Mattarella put Cameroun on the top of the list of the countries to visit in Africa

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The meeting between camerounian President and Sergio Mattarella made the history, since it has been the hightest form of contact between the two countries. It is important to notice that: after his election, Sergio Mattarella put Cameroun on the top of the list of the countries to visit in Africa, therefore he made a state visit at Yaoundé, 17th march 2016. Paul Biya is the first African President to be invited to such an important diplomatic visit: this meeting witnessed the bond created between the two countries. The two Statesman drown the furrows of the new Italy-Cameroun cooperation, such as the confirmation of the Italian support against the terrorism. The President Mattarella affirmed that Italy remains a land of welcome for the Cameroonian. Another important objective of this presidential journey was to consolidate the bilateral strategic partnership between both countries.

The Russian Federation is looking into the drinking water sector in Camerun

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To invest in Camerun- Nikolay Ratsiborinsky, Russian ambassador in Camerun, has met the Camerunian Secretary of Energy and Water, BasileAtanganaKouna, at Yaoundé (the capital) accompanied by the director of Information and Analysis Centre for the development of water sources of Russia Federation. The russian diplomate wish for an implementation of a committee between both countries in the field of the water and of the energy. It’s going to be a workgroup which will be in charge of examining a set of projects presented by Camerun with the benefit of some Russian expertise. This attempt of dynamization of the Russian-Cameroonian cooperation in the sector of the water arises in a context marked by some important project of water conveyance in the country.

Cameron repatriates "by force" 2,600 Nigerian refugees

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More than 2600 Nigerian refugees (from the beginning of the year), settled in the north of Cameron, were sent back to Nigeria (with the use of violence) because of the fear of Boko Haram attacks, denounced the Top Commissioner of of the UN for the refugees ( UNHCR) durign a press briefing. According to UNHCR staff, the refugees explained that Cameroonian troops embarked them agains their will and “without leaving them the time to gather their stuff”, underlining that this dismissals of strenght are against the international law. The UNHCR says to be very warried because these rimpatriations (which seems motivated by safety) continue even though the agency of the UNO signed an agreement between Cameroon and Nigeria about voluntary return of Nigerian refugees.

Nigerian and Cameroonian troops have carried out operation to weed out Boko Haram terrorists

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Nigerian and Cameroonian troops have carried out another joint operation to weed out Boko Haram terrorists along Nigeria and Cameroon border. Durign the two days joint operation (led by Col Dourai and Lt Col Mohaman of the Cameroonian Defence Forces) troops of the two countries cleared Siyara, Kote, Sigawa and proceeded to Bulabundibe towns. While conducting the operation the troops came in contact with Boko Haram terrorists and neutralised many of them, apprehended two others, while many others escaped with gunshot wounds. The Troops recovered seven Dane guns, five Boko Haram terrorists’ flags, four vehicle tyres,two motorcycles and vehicle spare parts. At the conclusion of the clearance operation, the team leader, Col Dourai, stated that the operation was carried out to secure both countries’ borders from the menace of the Boko Haram terrorists.

Libya: the agreement is incomplete

First step towards the establishment of an executive of national unity. The Tobruk government and representatives of other factions have officialized their agreement after months of deals. But United Nations and Leon are waiting Tripoli choice.

Yes the agreement for the government of national unity of Libya Sunday 12th July. To Skhirat (Morocco) the Tobruk government and delegates of Zintan, Misrata and other factions have signed the pact along the lines of the last 3rd July. One step forward, after long work of UN mediator Bernardino Leon. But an incomplete agreement because of it’s without Tripoli government’s approval.

However, reactions were positive. “An important first step towards peace”, Leon and Tobruk representatives said. Also Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs Gentiloni has the same viewpoint: “The signing gives us grounds for hope and encourages us to continue with our negotiating efforts. It is now up to Tripoli to make a significant and responsible gesture by signing up to the agreement proposed by the UN Special Representative, Bernardino Leon, with the full support of Italy also”.

Meanwhile, on the domestic front, Derna, a port city of Cyrenaica, has been “lost from the Islamic State”, as admitted in a video by an Islamist militant. While the Us is thinking to positionate its drones to monitor Islamic State in Libya, in according with North African countries. In the last days, Us President Obama and Gb Prime Minister Cameron reiterated that it’s possibile to defeat Daesh not with ground forces, although with pilotless aircrafts.
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