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Execution in Belarus of Siarhei Vostrykau

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In the statement by the Spokesperson on the execution in Belarus of Siarhei Vostrykau, the European Union again reaffirms its strong opposition to capital punishment in all circumstances. Indeed the continued application of the death penalty goes counter to Belarus’ stated willingness to engage with the international community, including the European Union, on the matter and to consider the introduction of a moratorium on the use of the death penalty. The European Union urges Belarus, the only country in Europe still applying capital punishment, to commute the remaining death sentences and to introduce without delay a moratorium on the death penalty as a first step towards its abolition.

Belarus and Azerbaijan on an expansion of trade and economic relations

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A delegation headed by Azerbaijan’s Economy Minister Shahin Mustafayev will be on a visit in Belarus on Dec. 15-17, Azerbaijan’s Economy Ministry said in a message. The Azerbaijani delegation will include representatives of the relevant government agencies and entrepreneurs. The issues of expansion of trade and economic relations between Azerbaijan and Belarus will be discussed during the visit, it is also planned to hold meetings with the participation of the business circles of the two countries.

Belarus President will visit Azerbaijan next 28-29 November

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Belarus President Alexander Lukashenko will pay an official visit to Azerbaijan on 28-29 November, the Belarus president’s press-service said in a statement on Nov. 25. While in Azerbaijan Alexander Lukashenko is expected to meet with Azerbaijan President Ilham Aliyev for face-to-face negotiations and expanded-participation negotiations. A number of international documents will be signed as a result of the talks.

Belarus: Lukashenko’s two faces

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Released six political opponents a few months before elections. Lukashenko tries a timid rapprochement towards Brussels, but, fearing a repetition of Maidan, he has reinforced military alliance with Moscow.


President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko has declared release of six political opponents, including Mykalai Statkevich, presidential candidate in 2010: “I did not think that Lukashenko would have had the courage to break free me before the election (on November 20, ed) – Statklevick said-. Maybe government has not more money to the prison. Now the situation is optimum for them. The opposition is in a stalemate. It can not disrupt the consultation and is not able to support even its own candidate. That’s why they let me go. ”

In addition to the charges about the difficult economic situation, these six opponents, as well as many activists, have always accused Lukashenkoto be too pro-Russia and to be too far from European Union.

The news was welcomed as “a big step forward,” EU High Representative Federica Mogherini affirmed. While Italian Secretary of State for Foreign Affairs Benedetto Della Vedova said that this according could be an “improvement in relations between Belarus and the European Union is moving in the hoped for direction of human rights protections and civil liberties. “The liberation of these six prisoners”, Della Vedova observed, “meets the expectations that, both bilaterally and within the broader dialogue between the EU and Minsk, have been repeatedly demonstrated by the Belarus authorities”.

Considered Europe’s last dictator, Lukashenko, in office since 1994, has always moved their pieces based on political convenience of the moment. As in 1997, the year of the agreement, “Union State” with Russia. As today, with release of the six detainees like reconciliation towards Brussels, in order to reduce sanctions against Belarusian oligarchs decreed in 2004.

But also the Ukrainian issue exists. Beyond agreement between Ukraine, Russia, Germany and France set out in the capital Minsk, Lukashenko is fearing for another Maidan 2 in his country, especially because all the European chancelleries have always marginalized him. Aware of this risk, he has reach, last August 19, a military agreement with Putin about the common space of short-range air defense.
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