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Ilham Aliyev: April battles showed power of Azerbaijani state, people and army

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The April battles are a glorious military victory showing the power of the Azerbaijani state, people and army, said Azerbaijan’s President and Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev. He made the remarks at a meeting with a group of servicemen on the anniversary of the April victory of the Azerbaijani army. These battles show that the Azerbaijani people and state will never reconcile to the occupation, and will restore Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity at all costs, he noted, and the professionalism of the Azerbaijani army. He added that the April battles should be included in military textbooks.

Azerbaijan Sargsyan's statement on possible use of Iskander missiles

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Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan’s statement on a possible use of Iskander operational-tactical missiles is a primitive step, which is intended for the internal audience and aimed at strengthening the shaken authority of his criminal gang and increasing his pre-election rating, Azerbaijan’s Ministry of Defense said. “The enemy should understand that all military facilities and other strategic objects located in Azerbaijan’s occupied territories, including Armenia are constantly targeted by the Azerbaijani army”, added the defense ministry, noting that any threat from Armenia will be suppressed immediately and decisively.

Armenian drone destroyed by Azerbaijani Army

An unmanned aerial vehicle belonging to the Armenian Armed Forces has been destroyed by the Azerbaijani Army, said a message from Azerbaijan’s Defense Ministry on Nov. 14. The UAV was destroyed while attempting to make reconnaissance flights over the Azerbaijani army positions along the line of contact between the two countries’ troops in the direction of Azerbaijan’s Tartar district on November 14 evening, said the message.

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