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Al-Sisi and Abbas to discuss humanitarian conditions of occupied lands.

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Palestinian president Mahmoud Abbas will arrive in Egypt on Sunday on an official visit that comes following an invitation from President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi. Main topics will be on Economy, security and humanitarian conditions in the occupied Palestine. Egypt will also recall the necessity of dialogue between Palestine and Israel. This topic will be also one of the major one during the Arab League submit at the end of the month in Jordania.


Eastern government’s PM in Egypt to enlist military supportenghazi Defense Brigades explains its political vision in black and white

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The Tobruck’s government, guided by Abdullah Al-Thinni, had been a meeting in the Cairo to ask more sustain to Haftar’s operations. The visit comes before the meeting of the Arab foreign ministers at the Arab League prior to the Arab Summit that will take place in Amman. But Egypt has also gave its sustain to Tripoli’s government, which sustain BDB (Benghazi Defence Brigade) so the opposition of the HoR (House of Representatives) which act on the ground under the LNA (Libyan National Army). Each Libyan’s governments is trying to receive the sustain of Egypt, but Egypt seems to be more in favour of the GNA (General National Accord) than the HoR, since conflicts in the Oil Crescent. Egypt could be the State who will help to unify Libya, and allowed discussions between the divergent fractions.

Consultations on Egyptian draft resolution are not over

Egypt’s Foreign Ministry spokesperson Ahmed Abu Zeid told Sky News Arabia on Thursday afternoon that the consultations on Egyptian draft resolution demanding Israel to halt its settlements activities whether in the United Nations in New York or the Arab League HQ in Cairo. The UN Security Council on Thursday postponed a vote on the draft resolution as President-elect Donald Trump weighed in and said the United States should veto the measure. The move to halt construction of illegal settlements in occupied Palestinian territories prompted immediate calls from Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for the United States to use its veto power at the Security Council to block the resolution.

European Union and Arab League condemned atrocities in Syria

In their fourth ministerial meeting, the Arab League and European Union (EU) countries condemned the recent atrocities of Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad and his allies, according to a joint statement issued by ministers of both sides. The meeting that is currently held in Egypt, with Tunisian Foreign Affairs Minister Khemaies Jhinaoui representing the Arab countries and EU high representative for foreign affairs and security policy Federica Mogherini representing the EU countries, also condemned the usage of chemical weapons by all factions in Syria and the deterioration of the humanitarian situation. They also committed to reconstructing Syria once an inclusive political transition is underway.

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