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The security situation in Baghlan continues to deteriorate

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Afghan security commanders in Dand-e Ghori district of Baghlan province say Taliban is within hairbreadth of the first line of war with Afghan Forces. An Afghan soldier said that they are only a few metres away from Taliban distance and he added is the fourth day that they are fighting. Afghan security forces have faced many problems due to Taliban’s strong positions in Darqad bridge of Dand-e Ghori district. Abdul Qodus, commander of Public Order Police, said that dargad area will capture in few days The security situation in Baghlan continues to deteriorate, where the Taliban has made significant advances in a number of areas and recently fighting in key district- Dand-e Ghori a few kilometers away from the provincial capital.


170 opposition members killed or wounded by Afghan security forces in the last 9 months

170 armed members of the opposition were killed and wounded during Afghan security forces’ routine activities within the last 9 months in central Kapisa province. Sayed Mohammad Khalid Hashimi Governor of Kapisa told BNA that 20 military operations have been conducted by Afghan security forces in insecure areas of the province, particularly in Tagab, Alasay and Nijrab districts during this period. Hashimi appreciated the achievements and progresses of Afghan security forces during their activities in different parts of the province. Also members of provincial council of Kapisa expressed their pleasures regarding achievements of Afghan security forces in insecure areas of Kapisa.

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