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Afghanistan’s President and CEO called on all Afghans to comply with the provisions of the nation’s constitution

President Ashraf Ghani and CEO Abdullah Abdullah on Thursday called on all Afghans to comply with the provisions of the nation’s constitution. The two officials had been speaking at a ceremony in Kabul to mark the 13th anniversary of the ratification of the Afghan constitution. Ghani also discussed the ongoing crisis that Afghans are currently facing and pledged to resolve issues in accordance with the laws of Afghanistan.
According to Ghani, his administration inherited major problems from the previous government, but vowed to resolve them with the help of the people. Ghani also called on government and non-government institutions to ensure the laws are implemented. In addition, Abdullah spoke on the implementation of the political agreement signed between the two officials during the establishment of the National Unity Government (NUG). He said, according to the NUG’s political accord, some amendments need to be considered in the constitution. Meanwhile he  highlighted the importance of the parliamentary system in Afghanistan he said  that new  proposals should not be interpreted as oppositions to the constitution. According to his position, constitutional amendment is one of the key items of the commitments made by the national unity government which is supposed to be discussed at a constitutional Loya Jirga.  The constitutional Loya Jirga stresses on the position of the chief executive or premiership and the issue is quite clear: a commission for the constitutional amendment was also agreed. Afghanistan currently has a centralized political system.

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