OIC Chief urges Islamic Ummah to help refugees, poor families.

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The General Secretary of Organization for Islamic Cooperation, Al-Othaimeen, expressed greetings to Islamic Ummah in occasion of starting Ramadan. He has also mentioned humanitarian crises, which still affects islamic and muslims communities, remembering them how it is important to stay side by side in these difficult moments. In addition to this, he also recalled the intervention of Humanitarian Organizations, including also Member States of OIC, to help islamic people, specially families in poverty. He has also mentioned refugees and necessity of hosting them. Al-Othaimeen has also stressed the possibility of showing main values, which characterize Islam, during the Ramadan Month: tolerance, altruism, moderation, generosity and mutual coexistence. In conclusion, it is also remember for the second time it will start Social Media Photo Competition, which is open to all Muslims aged 18 above all member states of OIC and observer States.

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