Afghanistan: Karzai welcomes Hekmatyar’s arrival

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Hekmatyar, is allowed to come back in Afganistan after an exile lasted almoust twenty years; Figure of great importance in the past Afghanistan political landscape and still excersing a pulling moral force as a warlord and head and founder of a succesful political party, Hezb-e Islami, has triggered various reaction in the afganistan pubblic opinion from the hopes for an unexpected key-man in the recounciling process of the terroristic group with the goverment, to a condemnation for a terrorist . During a telephonic conversation with the Former President Hamid Karzai, Hekmatyar has shared good wishes to work jointly for bringing peace, stability and development in the country. They emphasized on national unity and joint struggle for the betterment of the war-torn country. In his second public speech in Nangarhar, he sharply criticized the resurgent movement and said the Taliban are backing by the foreigners. “Taliban’s faiths and beliefs are doubted”.

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