FM Kahlon: New plan aims to give Israel's middle class much-needed boost

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Finance Minister Moshe Kahlon on Tuesday unveiled a new financial plan to give Israel’s middle class a much-needed boost.The plan, expected to cost some 4 billion shekels ($1 billion), includes a series of tax breaks and child care subsidies, as well as increased employment incentives. Among the measures are reduced taxes on mobile phones and on children’s clothing and footwear.”The State of Israel is telling working Israelis loud and clear that it knows how to give, not just take from them”, Kahlon said.”This plan encourages participation in the workforce, it increases equal opportunity, and above all it sees people, not numbers. We’re putting the working family in the center and want to strengthen the middle class, which is the backbone of Israeli society. We’re going to pull working parents out of the cycle of poverty. Reducing the taxes on children’s clothing and footwear,

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