More than 200 election agents accused of defrauding in 2015 elections

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205 electoral agents are the object of pursuits in front of the Committee of the economic and financial crimes (EFCC) which investigated about frauds during the general elections of 2015. They are accused of having accepted the bribes to influence the result of the vote during the elections of 2015. The involved parties were not specified by the EFCC, according to the statement of the Committee, the employees received approximately three billion nairas (8,9 million euros) from bribes to influence the election in 16 States. While waiting for the end of the procedure, 205 electoral agents ” will be suspended by their office) and will perceive only half of their salary “, added the Election board having also led an internal investigation. The All Progressive Congress (APC)’s victory, the party of president Muhammadu Buhari, were the first presidential election won by the opposition in the history of Nigeria.

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