A new video by Boko Haram shows the execution of three men, accused of spying for the Nigerian Milktary

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A new video by Boko Haram has been released and anonymously sent to Premiumtimestuesday morning. The video One man is beheaded by the militants, the two others are shooted, after being asked ( in Hausa) to identify themselves. The men claimed they were sent to infiltrate the sect by people close to the military. Subsequently, the video cut into where the three were taken to a nearby bush and brutally executed. The terrorists issued threats against President Muhammadu Buhari, who returned to the country last week after one month of medical vacation in the UK. “Oh! You, Buhari, you should know that these boys are your servants working for you whom you sent but Allah has exposed them”, the insurgents said accusing the president of being an “infidel”. The video is the first from the sect this years, it has appeared three months after AbubakarShekau ( Boko Haram Leader) refuted MrBuhari’s speech in which he said that “the group had been crushed”. “We are safe. We have not been flushed out of anywhere. And tactics and strategies cannot reveal our location except if Allah wills by his decree”,MrShekau said.

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