Turkey-Backed Forces have gained control of several villages from kurds in Northern Syria

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The Ankara-backed Euphrates Shield Operation forces launched an offensive on the Kurdish section of the Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) in Northern Syria and pushed them back from several villages. They forces attacked the Kurdish fighters positions and seized control of Tal Tourin and Qarah villages in Eastern al-Bab after fierce clashes. Meantime, Sharafan Darvish, the spokesman of the military council of the Northern city of Manbij, said that the Turkish army and the Ankara-backed militants launched an offensive on the positions of the Kurdish troops on Wednesday, and captured several villages near Manbij and the military council of Manbij announced in a statement that the Kurdish forces will surrender the villages bordering the areas occupied by the Turkey-backed Euphrates Shield Operation militants to the Syrian army. The statement said that based on an agreement with the Russian side, the control of these villages will be given to the Syrian government’s border guards.

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