Lenìn Moreno approaches the first-round victory in Ecuador

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Lenín Moreno, former Vice President of Ecuador and presidential candidate for the Socialist party Alianza País, would be close to a victory in the first round, the data provided by the National Electoral Council speak of a Moreno ahead by 11 percentage points, the conservative candidate Guillermo Lasso which stops at 28% of the votes against 39% of Moreno, they were scrutinized around the 87% of the votes are ballot. Contrary to Lasso’s claims the National Electoral Council has ensured that until now have been no irregularities neither in the voting process neither in the ballot of the votes. The Moreno’s victory seems almost certain but some analysts point out that if it does not reach 40% in the first round should go to the runoff voting with Lasso and then it would be possible that a large coalition led by the same might not be able to get the necessary votes to win the presidency, but almost certainly could not do get a large majority in Parliament in favor of Moreno.



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