Shoukry meets Tunisian president, Algerian FM to activate tripartite summit to resolve Libyan crisis

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Egypt’s minister of foreign affairs Sameh Shoukry met with Tunisian president BejiCaid Essebsi and Algeria’s foreign affairs minister Ramtane Lamamra on Monday to continue discussions over Libya’s situation and further steps to activate the Tunisian initiative to resolve the Libyan crisis by the cooperation and coordination of the three countries. A joint statement is scheduled to be released to declare the results agreed upon in the meeting.In the trilateral ministerial meeting, Shoukry, Tunisian foreign affairs minister Khamis Al-Aghinawa, and Algerian minister of Maghreb affairs, African Union, and Arab League, AbdelkaderMessahel met and reviewed their recent communications and discussions conducted with various Libyan factions on the political scene to bridge different views. Shoukry praised the Tunisian president for his efforts to find an escape route from the current political stalemate, stressing that Egypt, Tunisia, and Algeria are the most affected by Libya’s ongoing instability. He also stressed that there is an alternative to the comprehensive political solution in Libya and confirmed the rejection of any foreign interference, as well as the commitment to the restoration of stability in Libya and fighting terrorism.

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