13 foreigners detained by Daesh were set free by Libya’s forces

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Forces loyal to Libya’s Unity Government on Saturday have freed 13 foreigners held by the Daesh group in its former coastal bastion of Sirte, the forces said. Loyalists have freed a Turkish and an Egyptian detainee as well as 11 Eritrean women. Pro-government forces are fighting the last militants holed up in Sirte after launching an offensive to retake the city in May and  on Saturday said they had seized a group of buildings in a northeastern district of Sirte after three days of fighting against Daesh forces. Forces allied with Libya’s UN-backed Government of National Unity (GNA) began an offensive on May 12 aimed to oust Daesh from the city and surrounding areas. Backed by US air strikes since Aug.1, they have gradually tightened the noose on the few remaining IS fighters inside the city some 450km east of the capital. The fighting have left more than 550 GNA fighters dead and 3,000 wounded since the offensive began, but the Daesh death toll is not known.

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