“Military training” in Kurdistan against Isil

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In late August ended the first phase of the sixth round training for a Peshmerga battalion, organized by the multinational Command Kurdish Training Coordination Center (KTCC) – composed of Italian, English, German, Dutch , Norwegian, Finnish and Hungarian military instructors – which is currently commanded by Italy. Those training activities are included in the “Prima Parthica” military operation, a response to the request for help presented by the Iraqi Permanent ONU Representative to the President of the Security Council.

The mission is intended to obstruct the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant’s threat, by supporting the security forces of regional partners. The tasks of Italian contingent concern, first of all, the training of Iraqui and Kurdish security forces, as well as the territory reconnaissance and surveillance, but also synergies with the Chief of the Coalition staff. During the training cycle, Italian soldiers handend down to 300 servicepersons of Kurdish unit the necessary skills to conduct tactical activities in different environments, to implement strategies of attack and defense in particular contexts, such as towns. But not only.

The know-how transferred to the local militia includes individual instruction for combat, research and clearance of IED (improvised explosive devices) and the establishment of a task force able to supervise emergency situations. Kurdish have learned and perfected the moving techniques in a variety of locations, and how to install of adequate facilities for telecommunications to guarantee instantaneous contacts. Finally, special attention to the planning of efficient combat operations as soon as possible and to the use of precision instruments.

This mission in Erbil is very important. Italy plays in the synergy with other countries of the Coalition to strengthen cooperation relations with Kurdistan, which is now fighting to defend its borders against jihadists attacks. Starting from last January, about 1.500 soldiers of local security forces have taken advantage of Italian support. The training phase ended with the verification of the operational capabilities through military exercises, and with the diplomas delivery ceremony. Kurdish authorities were satisfied with the training of the Peshmerga unit.

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