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Economic growth required for the creation of jobs

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“The creation of real jobs requires the restoration of economic growth,” Prime Minister Youssef Chahed said on Friday when he presented the government’s declaration to the House of the People’s Representatives ( HPR). “Real jobs are created by growth,” added Chahed, adding that his government’s economic program, whose finance bill is a tool for its achievement, is based on the resumption of growth. It is a question of working to offer employment to more than 600 thousand unemployed among including 250 thousand among the higher education graduates, he said. “The strategy of the national unity government in the field of employment is based on three axes namely the impulse of growth, the strengthening of private initiative through the encouragement of young people to create jobs and the implementation of employment policies for young people suffering from chronic unemployment, “he said, adding that these axes will serve both young people and the inland regions. The Prime Minister recalled that post-revolution low growth rates limited employment in the civil service, indicating that the organized private sector was able to create only 10 thousand jobs while the number of higher education graduates, which reach the labour market annually, stands at 50 thousand people.

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