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Houthi Militias step in against money transfer from Saudi Arabia

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Houthi Militias found a system to stop transfering money of Yemeni expatriating people to Saudi Arabia. Indeed, most of this money are deputy to save people from famine and poverty. As the consequences of these money transfers,  Houthi militias have given new instructions, which include several ban of getting money from Saudi Arabia. It would be such a serious problem, even because Saudi Arabia was really useful to support the collapsing economy of Yemen. As it is happened to Mohammed, a rebel militant, who received financial efforts from expatriating Yemeni people, starting from now, no one can get other financial effort unless it comes from people, who live in Yemen, and if he does, he would be interrogated for hours. It is enough impossible that no one in Yemen can get economic support from people, who live in Saudi Arabia, especially because the exchange rate is seriously changed.



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