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Yemeni army readies plans to liberate cities under Houthis control

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Chief of Staff of Yemeni armed forces, al-Maqdashi has been waiting for nod of minister in order to conduct some military operations in Houthis controlled areas. Al-Madqashi, in fact, has said they have drawn up a plan to set free the remaining cities from Houthis controll, including Houdaydah city port. This plan depends on the ability of military forces in combating and carrying out operations. There are two different situations: from one side Houthis and rebels are going through a period of weakness and disintegration, on the other side, the Yemeni National forces are taking control over some presidential buildings and check points. Their stronger positions are in Taiz and Nehm, where national forces have imposed a siege.



Yemeni army is approaching Sanaa, spokesman says

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As the spokesman of the Yemeni armed forces said on Sunday, they are approaching the cities of Arhab and Sana’a. They continue battles to liberate Nahm, eastern front of Sana’a, and a series of mountains including Dorah, al-Ayani, al-Safeh, al-Dhabeeb, al-Tibad al-Hamaraa, west of al Garn mountain and al-Safeenah. Moreover a number of sites located between Nahm and Bani Hashish were liberated and in Al Masloub directorate and the western coast front the army advanced. Meanwhile, Yemeni Prime Minister Habtoor met whit the Executive Director of the World Food Program Ertharin Cousin and during the meeting the Prime Minister announced that the government is ready to provide all necessary assistance to the WFP and other international food agencies to try to reach all citizens with food and medicine.

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