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The Egyptian Women’s Day.

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President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi participated on Tuesday evening in the celebration activities of the Egyptian Women’s Day that took place on the occasion of Mother’s Day. Al-Sisi has recalled the importance of Women in Egyptian History. The speech included praise of Egyptian women and their struggles throughout the different historical stages in Egypt, in addition to their sacrifices in Egypt’s war against terrorism. He called all women to participate to State organisation (Parliament Member, judge). Al-Sisi  has also announced a plan to help women to have access to instruction, an to find a work after.

EU funded project, Gender Equity and respect of Women in Lebano

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The National Commission for Lebanese Women organised a high level closing event to showcase the successful results of the project. There was a discussion about women partecipation in political processes and the necessity od adopt women’s quota in eectoral law. A democratic and consitutional process is in place, based on the women’s equality and respect.

Medenine families with specific needs received assistance

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Support for the creation of income sources was given in kind to eleven families in need in Medenine on Saturday, at the initiative of the Kuwaiti Association “Direct Assistance” in Tunisia, in coordination with the Women’s Association Ayadi Rahima. The projects concern sheep farming, sewing, embroidery, trade and handicrafts. Some 45 beneficiaries (men and women) from several regions (Medenine, Kebili, Gafsa, Siliana, Béja) benefit from this assistance programme initiated by the Kuwaiti Association active in Tunisia since 2012. Last year the association undertook maintenance work for eleven schools and plans to provide a similar programme in eight other schools throughout the regions. In Sfax, the association launched a programme for the distribution of microcredits to 3,000 families, mainly women.

Buenos Aires: women protesting in the streets for gender violence

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Dressed in black, Argentine women took to the streets to protest the brutal rape and murder of a 16-year-old girl, the latest incident of gender violence to shock the country. Others walked off the job as a sign of protest, in what was described as women’s first national strike. Similar demonstrations took place in solidarity in many Latin American cities from Montevideo to Mexico City.

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