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"Uraniumgate" :Three hundred and nineteen millions dollars related to the suspected sale of uranium.

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Few days ago came out an affair of three hundred and nineteen millions dollars related  to the suspected sale of uranium. Durign a press conference, the personality in the center of this business – collectively called “URANIUMGATE” – said only that he had won, without doing anything, eight hundred millions of FCFA, which would after be used to buy vehicles to the Presidential guarding. The press had many doubts on the point and this nebulous fuss created great concerns of the inhabitants of Niger and dominated for the last days, the headlines of the national and international media as well as the social networks. The parliamentary groups of the majority made public yesterday morning a request of  implementation of a parliamentary commission of inquiry to investigate the case concerning the business. In the declaration read by deputy Saadou Dillé, the parliamentary majority shared the same question made by the opposition so that the light would be made on this affair. According to the declaration, the parliamentary groups support any action tending to shed light on this case and encourage the government to multiply the actions allowing to fight effectively against the impunity and the mismanagement of the public goods

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