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Sixteen UN members released after being taken hostage in eastern RDC

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Sixteen members of the UNO were freed after being taken in hostage during the day by south-Sudanese ex-rebels in a refugee camp in the east of the RDC.”We can confirm with joy that the set of 16 members of the Monusco (the mission of United Nations in RDC), who were held earlier (…) Were freed”, explained a person in charge of the UN, without giving however the generalities of the people which were held. “These abductions took place in the camp for war veterans of Munigi, in the east of the RDC. The camp is quiet and under total control of Monusco. All its members are gone back their home in safety”, added this person in charge. According to the same source, the incident did not make a victim and an investigation opened.

Four soldiers killed in attack attributed to Jihadists

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According to several sources four malian servicemen were killed during an attack imputed to Jihadists in the region of Timbuktoo. The attack aimed at a camp of the malian army at Gourma Rharous, a locality of difficult access, situated in some 120 km east of Timbuktoo. The attack intervened in the neighborhood of 05:00 am (the hour GMT). The army lost four servicemen ( parachutists’ elite unit) and calcined vehicles were visible in the camp. According to a statement made by MINUSMA, the strength of the UN would have displayed its attack helicopters on the scene in support for the malian police army and facilitated the medical evacuation of the wounded persons by air traffic. The UNO army force also states an attack arisen on Tuesday against a vehicle of one of its logistic convoy, ” there was an improvised explosive, in approximately 30 km in the South of Tessali.”

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