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Tunisian Centre of Research and Study on Terrorism shares the results of its first studies

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“About 40% of a sample of 1,000 Tunisian terrorists are university graduates or have a university degree while 33% have a high school diploma,” Imen Kochbati doctor in sociology and demography said, on Wednesday. Presenting the results of the first study by the Tunisian Centre of Research and Study on Terrorism entitled “terrorism in Tunisia through court records,” Imen Kochbati added that 13% of the sample studied, which involved 384 court cases submitted between 2011 and 2015, are graduates from vocational training centres and 4% are secondary school graduates. The same study indicates that the age groups 25-29 years (275), 30-34 (243) and 18-24 years (204 people) are the most targeted by terrorist networks in Tunisia. Of a total of 1,000 terrorists, 965 are men and 35 are women. More than half (536) are single and 239 married while divorced or widowed represent only about 1%.

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