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Netanyahu: Trump added $75 million in defense aid to Israel

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Trump added $75 million in defense aid to Israel.Washington announced a $110-billion US sale of ships, tanks and the latest anti-missile systems to Saudi Arabia on Saturday as Trump began a two-day visit to the Gulf state before travelling on to Israel.Trump added package for the missile defense program. According to Lieberman the weapons deals in the Middle East just in 2016 reached $215-216 billion and this is no small sum.The White House said that in talks with Netanyahu in Jerusalem on Monday, “President Trump underscored the United States’ ironclad commitment to Israel’s security, including to the maintenance of Israel’s qualitative military edge”. The thrust of the deal with Riyadh aims to help the Saudi military bolster its defenses to deter bitter rival Iran and its missile program, which Netanyahu has said potentially poses an existential threat to the Jewish state.


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