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Bu Khamada: Fighters with mental illness are part of east Libya army.

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The UN Human Rights Council today told the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to gather information on human rights abuses in Libya so as to be able to initiate proceedings against those responsible. This decision to choose to focus on Libyan case is a result of Haftar acts, he had been accused of war crimes. ICC (International Criminal Court) had been duly criticized for it lack of willingness on the case. Today’s decision also follows tweets yesterday from UN special envoy Martin Kobler that the UN had raised alarms about human rights violations not only in Benghazi but also in the west of the country and that it was “following on them”.

Pakistan becoming world’s terrorism factory: India at UNHRC

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Calling Pakistan a terrorism factory, India on Wednesday lashed out at the neighbouring country saying its terror policies have alienated its own people through continued mistreatment of minorities. In the United Nation, India accused Pakistan of spreading terrorism and illegally occupying some territories in Kashmir. Exercising its right to reply during a UN Human Rights Council session in Geneva, the Indian Representative said Pakistan must rein in its “compulsive hostility” towards India. “We ask Pakistan to stop inciting and supporting violence and terrorism in any part of India and refrain from meddling in our internal affairs in any manner”, the official said.


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