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UNIFIL Lebanon: artificers’ workshop

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The workshop for UN EOD teams (Explosive Ordinance Disposal) occurs today in the Lebanese military base of the municipality of Dibil. It has been organized by the Finnish-Irish Battalion, employed by UNIFIL Sector West.

The activity is aimed to increase the interoperability of peacekeepers involved in EOD, a delicate operation to be carried out in a few minutes in case of discovery of bombs or of finding of the infamous IEDs, handcrafted improvised explosive devices, which deactivation is extremely complex. In addition to fulfilling their specific task, the bomb squad of UNIFIL assist the Lebanese Army team with skills and sophisticated materials.

The teams of 8 different nations participate in the international comparison: Italy, Ireland, Finland, China, Malaysia, Spain, Estonia and Cambodia. The occasion allowed the militaries to compare equipment and materials and to allow an exchange of information which is essential for the profession of artifice, continuously updated.

The know-how sharing and the consolidation of a collaborative spirit are fundamental prerogatives of the Lebanon peacekeeping mission. The Italian contingent is made up of specialized units of the Taurinense Brigade – part of to the 32° Engineers Regiment of Turin – who lead the Sector West in the south of the country. These same soldiers ensure the operations on ordnance in Italy: about 150 bombs were found in the regions of Piemonte, Liguria and Valle d’Aosta.
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