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Tunisian Labour Union (UGTT) and Tabboubi: still looking for solutions to ease tension in the sector of education

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Tunisian Labour Union (UGTT) Secretary-General Noureddine Tabboui said, on Saturday that the trade union organisation is still consulting with all parties to ease tension in the sensitive sector of education. Tabboui added that his organisation is continuing its action to preserve the dignity of teachers, trampled on by Minister NejiJalloul. The Sectoral Administrative Education Committee “is determined to find a solution” and “the strike is maintained until a satisfactory result, guaranteeing the sustainability of the sector in a favorable climate, is obtained” he pointed out. Tabboui also said that the Prime Minister called on signatory parties of the Cartaghe Document to dialogue next week in order to value the content of the Document and the degree of respect for its principles. He danied that agreement is been reached, so 8 and 9 March strike is still maintained.

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