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EU will not fail to Colombia’s support, according to EU special envoy for peace in Colombia

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Eamon Gilmore, special envoy of the EU for the peace process in Colombia, has released an interview with the newspaper El Tiempo in which he assured that the EU will not fail to Colombia’s support, both political and economic, not only for the period of peace negotiations with the FARC but also in the future. Gilmore also said because this time, namely the implementation of the negotiations, will be the hardest but once completed the negotiations will need to carefully think about an economic recovery plan for the most disadvantaged areas of the country to prevent the guerrillas that not accepted the agreement with Bogota do not put in charge of a new revolutionary movement.

Jordan Valley: eviction notices to 16 families

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On Wednesday, the Israeli occupation’s civil administration had handed out eviction notices to 16 families in the northern Jordan Valley, and another threat to stop construction of a mineral water collector. The administration gave out the eviction notices so as to hold military drills in the area named Khirbet Humsa, and will evict 85 people from their houses tomorrow, on Thursday. In the same context, IOF gave out another order to halt construction of a mineral water pool in Al-Farisiyya area, Jordan valleys, that is funded by the European Union.

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