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18 deaths in an attack of the Luba Militia against a Twa camp.

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18 people has been killed durign an attack by the Luba Militia against Twa Mutiba camp, in the eastern part of Monono. According to local authorities, aggressors beneficied from reinforcements came from the village of Moba. Among the victims, 11 are part of Luba Militia, 7 were members of the camp. The administrator of Monomo territory condemned this attack, he envisages an urgent mission in the sector for the raising awareness of the population to a peacefull cohabitation. This attack intervenes one month after the organization of a forum to restore a lasting peace between communities living in permanent conflict in Tanganyika, a forum organized by the provincial authorities. The president of the civil society calls both comunities to mantain the experiences done with this forum, in order to promote the peacefull cohabitation between the peoples.


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