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Turkey, new tensions with European countries.

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Summoned the German ambassador in Ankara to protest against the Kurdish demonstration in Frankfurt.Erdogan on the story of journalist turkish-German Deniz Yucel: “Thank God he was arrested” and will be tried by the ‘independent judiciary’ Turkish, since it is considered a terrorist agent. Also the Danish Foreign Minister convenes the turkish ambassador in Copenhagen after the threats made to some turkish-Danish citizens who risk the charge of high treason.


Europe will drown in its own fears of Muslims and migrants: President Erdoğan

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Europe will “drown in its own fears of Muslims and migrants”, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan said on March 15, further hardening his tone just hours after an exchange of words between Ankara and Brussels on the future of a refugee deal. Erdoğan said the “spectre of fascism is roaming” on the streets of Europe, comparing the treatment of non-Europeans there to that of the Jews in World War II. They are scared of everything that is not from there. They are hostile to everything that is not from there”, Erdoğan said. The blocking of Turkish ministers by the Dutch authorities last weekend was followed by protests in Rotterdam, with local police using horses and dogs to disperse demonstrators. The images were widely reported in the Turkish press and prompted an angry reaction from the government.

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