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Mohamed Ennaceur: my visit to Brussels tends to widen the circle of friends of Tunisia.

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The president of the Assembly of the Representatives of the People, Mohamed Ennaceur, expressed his impressions about the week of Tunisia, organized by the European Parliament. He said that this week has the aim to make raise awareness about the Country, its democratic experience, unique in the region. This visit will also grow the number of friends of Tunisia. He asked European governments to transform Tunisian debt in projects, to support the democratic transition. He requested the possibility to have structural funds for the economy, the same funds given to Countries of former Soviet Union to help their to resolve economic problems. He also asked that Tunisian students could move in Europe to improve their knowledge, if it is possible. He made a request also for Tunisian market, to open the European market to the Tunisian merchandises. He commented the visit as positive, and he added that this experience will influence European governments.

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