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President of Presidency Council meets members of HSC.

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President of Presidency Council of GNA ‘Fayez Al-Sarraj, met members of High State Council (HSC) ,Sunday in Tripoli, in line with meetings held with various segments of the Libyan people and state sector. During the meeting, it has been underlined that current political divisions in political Libyan life has direct consequences over the population. No solution could be find without unity between different forces leading Libya. Al Sarraj welcomed HSC formation of dialogue committee to consider problems of political accord, and prospect of introducing necessary amendments with the House of Representatives’ committee according the mechanisms provided for in the political accord.


Serraj “to meet Hafter” in Cairo on Thursday

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Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj will meet with Marshal Field Khalifa Hafter in Cairo  for the second stage of their discussions, usually reliable sources in Tripoli have told the Libya Herald. This new meeting will continues discussions started at Abu Dhabi last week. Both Libya’s leaders met El-Sisi at Abu Dhabi. Since last week, some initiatives was taken to re-start libyan peace process. Serraij met 50 deputies from the HoR (House of Representatives) on Wednesday. According to reports, he said that they focussed on uniting military structures in Libya under the control of a political leadership, the situation in the south of the country, and drawing the Petroleum Facilities Guards into a single structure.

Libya: Angry CBL staff protest colleague’s abduction

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A large protest in front of the Central Bank of Libya (CBL) took place on Friday in front of CBL palace. Staff at the CBL in Tripoli demonstrated today in protest at the kidnapping of their director of banking operations, Fathi Al-Haji, by unidentified gunmen. CBL director was kidnapped on May, 2, but no details had been released on kidnappers. This kind of proceeding is “common” in Libya with the instability, kidnappings against ransom have increased with Libyan instability. However the CBL has been a particular target for criminals. In June 2015 three investigators from the bank’s anti-money laundering department were seized while investigating an alleged multi-million dollar letter of credit fraud. They were released within 48 hours when angry CBL staff threatened a strike that would have shut down the whole banking system.

British Foreign Secretary sees Serraj in Tripoli, urges political figures to “seize the momentum”

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British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson arrived in Tripoli today for a lightning visit taking in talks with Presidency Council (PC) head Faiez Serraj, State Council President Abdulrahman Sewehli and the PC’s foreign minister, Taher Siala. Johnson underlined the process of reconciliation between East and West Libya, started earlier this week, saying that Libya need to “seize the moment”. Both part also talked about development of bilateral relations in various fields (notably in educational field). Johnson himself said that “security, stability and prosperity can only be achieved when the country’s leaders choose to get together and work out a plan for the common benefit of the Libyan people”.

In 2016 Libya ‘‘continued to worsen and slide on all economic, security and social fronts"

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New report from the Audit Bureau, based in Tripoli, gave it back is report on Libyan global situation for last year. In its 623-page 2016 Annual Report published on 26 April, the Tripoli-based Audit Bureau said that in 2016 Libya ‘‘continued to worsen and slide on all economic, security and social fronts’’ which it depicted as the ‘‘worse periods that Libya has passed through’’. It was an ‘‘exceptional period filled with dangers in the absence of most state authorities’’ which inflicted physical damage on citizens and the state. One of the main reason of this failure is Libyan division since December 2015, between Tobruck and Tripoli. And some institutions, as the CBL (Central Bank of Libya), work in a complete isolation. The Report exposed the GNA’s lack of competences to plan a real policy for Libya. As a result, 2016, was the worth year in term of financial revenue for the country.

Libya refused international requests to strike migrant smuggling militias.

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Mohamed Siala, Deputy Foreign Minister of the GNA (Government  of National Accord-Tripoli), has admitted that Libya had received ‘‘international requests’’ to carry out ‘‘military strikes within Libya against militias’’ engaged in smuggling illegal migrants. Indeed, the country is corrupt by a lot of oil smuggler, whose have an impact on Libyan economy. Siala insisted that Libya ‘‘would not be Europe’s policeman”. Europe had “to accept its responsibilities. Libya must not defend Europe’s borders’’. He also suggested that Europe, rather than Libya, should pay for the proposed sophisticated electronic southern border security system. Its a clear message to Europe, which try to use Libya as a shed to protect itself from migrations waves.


Al-Serraj met at the Council's headquarters here the Russian delegation

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Tripoli and Moscow continue their cooperation after official Al-Serraj visit to Moscow. The President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al-Serraj on Tuesday met at the Council’s headquarters here the Russian delegation led by Deputy Foreign Minister Mikhail Bugdanov the personal envoy of Russian President Vladimir Putin. This visit aims to continue the impulsion created by Al-Serraj visit to Moscow. Russia told to Libya, that their relations will go back to the former level soon. Both countries had been agreed on an increasing of cooperation between both, and also a Russian help in front of the escalation of violences in Libya.

Kobler meets Al-Serraj in Tripoli to discuss political process

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The UN delegate to Libya, Martin Kobler, met with the Head of the Presidential Council, Fayez Al-Serraj in Tripoli on Tuesday to inform him about the results of his meeting at the UN Security Council in New York. The two men also talked about the implementation of LPA (Libyan Political Accord), especially on the cooperation between different parts of Libyan political spectrum. Kobler recalled the decision of the UN Security Council of a “non-intervention” in Libya, with a military way, however Al-Serraj, told to Kobler, that in front of violence escalation in South Libya, the dialogue is impossible.

Migrant detention centres get human rights training from IOM.

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IOM (International Organisation for Migration) more involved in migrants life condition in Libya, after allegations of violences and bad living standards in migration detention centres. For the first time in three years, IOM has held training sessions inside some of Libya’s migrant detention centres on the of migrants’ human rights. In its initial pilot project, funded by the UK, the IOM has focussed on five places: three in Tripoli (Abu Sleem, Triq Al-Sikka and Airport Road), and at Khoms and Gharyan. Typical issues faced were language barriers, difficulties in dealing with health cases and helping those with mental health issues. Topics also discussed in the training sessions included disease prevention, identifying vulnerable cases and freedom of religion.With this kind of program, IOM, try to improve migrants global living conditions.

HoR members urge for no-fly zone in southern Libya.

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Several members of the House of Representatives (HoR) in Tobruk have called for an immediate no-fly zone in southern Libya. This call come after recent attacks of General Haftar on Timnahent district earlier this week. HoR told that the no-fly zone could protect civilians. “We call on the local and international legal organizations to monitor the violations that have been made against civilians and to bring the perpetrators to Libyan and international courts”. The statement adds. Indeed, in front of the attack Tripoli answer with a counter offensive, which has enforced violences and fracture between East and West Libya.

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