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Italy evacuates 22 Libyans wounded in fighting for oil ports

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Italy has evacuated 22 Libyans wounded these last days during the conflict around Ras-Lanuf and Es-Sider, which has seen the control passing from BDB (Bengazhy Defence Brigade) to LNA (Libyan National Army). Those Libyans had been transferred in Rome, to be treated in the military hospital. It was the first time Italy had helped the wounded from the LNA, which supports the Tobruk parliament and not the rival U.N.-backed government in Tripoli. Since 2016, Italy did some other flights as this one. Italy and EU are involved in the resolution of the Libyan conflict, they have signed with Tripoli  an agreement to fight human trafficking and pledged to fund migrant camps in Libya and to train Libyan coast guard to control migration flux.

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