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Iran’s missile program irrelevant to JCPOA.

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Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Ghasemi rejected the accusation posed by the G7 FMs that Iran’s missile program is infringing the UNSC resolution 2231. “The Islamic Republic of Iran acknowledges the necessity of the compliance of all sides of the JCPOA to their commitments framed in the JCPOA”, said Bahram Ghasemi. “Implementing the articles of this document in good faith, that has also come in the recent statement of the Group of 7, is essential, if JCPOA is a multilateral document of reciprocal commitments”. He stressed that the Islamic Republic of Iran expects balanced and full commitment of all signatories of the deal in a constructive atmosphere. Ghasemi asserted that Iran holds that its defensive missile program is not related at all to the JCPOA. The Iranian diplomat reassured that the design and the objectives of Iran’s ballistic missiles are in no defiance of the UNSC resolution 2231. “The Islamic Republic of Iran, free from the westerners’ misunderstandings of its missile program, is fully aware of its responsibilities to improve its defensive capabilities to safeguard its national security and enhance regional peace and stability”, noted the spokesperson of Iran’s foreign ministry.

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