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Afghan security forces captured Taliban’s key base

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During the Afghan security forces operation in Khashrood district of Nemroz province Taliban’s key base was captured, 6 armed Taliban killed and 18 others were wounded. Col. Mohammad Salih Masoud security in-charge of Nemroz told BNA that the operation was launched three days ago to retake the captured area by Taliban in Nemroz province so far Razi and Kandahari regions of the district were captured by Afghan security forces. He added that during the operation 6 armed insurgents were killed, 18 wounded and their key base was captured by Afghan security forces. Also security in-charge of the province said in the mentioned operation a mine making plant including 20 bags of explosives, 20 barrels mines a bicycle attached full of explosives were destroyed. Also a national army soldier was martyred in mine blast during the operation.

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